“I recently had hip replacement surgery. I finished all the PT but I was still a little nervous about the strength of my hip. I found Tiger and she worked with me through Pilates. It was wonderful! She started out gently then slowly increased the weight so I was getting stronger and more confident. I forgot that I’d had the replacement and just enjoyed the workout. The stretching, especially upper body, is unlike any other workout. Tiger is a lovely person in addition to being a knowledgeable and effective trainer.”

— Lynn, age 64, artist


“I love my new workout. Tiger’s workout is much better compared to the boring exercises personal trainers have given me in the past.  All the exercises in my program from Tiger work multiple muscles at the same time, and I maximize my efforts and my time while I have more fun working out.”


“The first time I met with Tiger she took a health history to flush out what I want to accomplish.  She really listened and the next appointment that we had she had created a completely customized program based on my goals and my knee injury.”


“When we met to go over the program she was extremely patient and took things at my pace.  I could tell she really wanted me to understand the exercises and what they were designed to do for my body, which motivated me even more.”


“Her knowledge of exercise to making the body stronger and more healthy as well as for passion for helping people makes me feel safe, supported and motivated. I feel like I have gone to a whole new level of working out thanks to Tiger.”

— Ken, age 58, engineer


“By working out only twice a week with Tiger I lost two inches in my waist, gained muscle and strength, and my back pain is as good as gone. The last time I felt so fit was in college when I was playing tennis 5 days a week,”

— Sayandro, age 48, director


“A confirmed work-a-holic, I just have not put the time into developing a healthy exercise routine as I have in developing my business. With Tiger on my side, I know I can. She is a professional who understands how to motivate, and get me to where I want to be. She is always reminding me to put in the time I know I should. Tiger is a winner!”

— Nancy, age 56, business owner


“I was looking for exercises that related to upper body strength and toning.   I wanted something I could also do at home in conjunction with my other exercise routines.   I have neck and shoulder issues which are of a concern to me, which needed to be taken into consideration.”


“She trained me on the pilates reformer which I was familiar with and expanded the exercises.   Tiger also was very conscious of not injuring me and opted for resistance exercises vs lifting weights.  She showed me some of the pilates moves I could do at home with one piece of rubber she recommended and trained me how to use.   She is really helpful and knows a lot about how the body works.  I had never thought to do the exercises she recommended.  I think she is a creative problem solver within the realm of what is realistic for me and what I want to accomplish for my own wellness. She is very well versed in various techniques and discusses your needs.   I highly recommend her.  She is also really pleasant to work with.  She loves what she does and is concerned about her clients.”

— Claudia, age 56, artist


“Life got in the way and my workouts with Tiger took a back seat to work, family, etc.  I am putting my workouts with Tiger and the pilates reformer back in my priority to myself.   After a good beginning workout I am confident I can rebuild my strength and Tiger’s support will make the difference.”

— Dee, age 58, manager


“Tiger is great for those who want to get in shape but don’t necessarily like working out. She motivates and encourages you without being obnoxious. And for those who do enjoy working out, she will keep you from being bored for sure. I know with Tiger’s help I will meet my goals.”

— Vickie, age 55, assistant


“Tiger is amazing!  I am a mom of an 8 month old and a 3 year old and I was looking for a workout that I could do at my home.  If you are a parent you know that there isn’t much personal time for yourself, so I hired Tiger to train me at home.  Tiger is so patient and understanding of the babies and even more importantly, she incorporates the boys into my workouts.  My 3 year old joins our workouts just about every morning, which is so refreshing and fun!  In addition, Tiger is very thorough with her program and also sets you up each week with personal goals.  What I love the most is she is extremely positive and encourages me to keep on pushing!”

— Heather, age 36, agent


“Tiger is the best!!!  I am 50 years old and wanted to tone up my overall body.  She is patient and truly listens to you.  She is an expert at zeroing in on what you need and customizing your own personal work out routine accordingly.  She understands the busy life most of us have and streamlines your own personal work out routine to suit you and your lifestyle.  I just started working with her and saw an immediate improvement in my overall fitness level.  I highly recommend her.”

— Pat, age 50, business owner


“I have been working out with Tiger for over a year.  The experience has been both fun as well as a serious commitment to maintaining my fitness and improving my strength.  I have MS and it is important to continue an exercise program that does just that.  We work out once a week at my home where we use the pilates reformer, free weights, stretch bands and other inventions Tiger brings along.  Due to my limitations, Tiger creates an exercise program tailored for me.  I have worked out with other trainers throughout the years and I can easily say Tiger has a wonderful personality. She is serious about her profession and getting the job done, yet playful enough where we get some laughter in between the reps. Even my pups look forward to our next session.  I can definitely recommend her to become your trainer.”

— Bobbie, age 64.


“Just coming off some shoulder issues, I was looking for a safe and comprehensive way to strengthen it and my whole body. Tiger recommended pilates on her reformer as my joints are very lax, it would keep the range of motion but with resistance. It felt pretty amazing — I could still ‘stretch’ but was limited by the weights and could feel all muscles were engaged.”


“I was impressed by how clear her instructions and corrections were — she noticed if my alignment was off an inch, which I appreciate. I could tell she’s very knowledgeable about the body, and what each person needs individually. As a bonus, she was encouraging and made it fun, without being one of those overzealous cheerleader-types. The whole experience was a great fit. When I finished, it felt like I had been meditating — I was in a super aware and focused state. Mmmmm lovely.. Definitely look forward to my next apt.”

— El, age 29, yoga instructor